How badly do you want to be a footballer?

Stomach Troubles

For the past two or three days I’ve been suffering from a pretty nasty stomach bug.  I won’t get into the details.  Just take my word for it – it’s unpleasant.  Though it stopped me going to the gym yesterday, I did manage to get out for training today.

It went alright.  Healthwise, I was not on my game.  Certain effects of my gastrointestinal issue had left me very dehydrated and all around exhausted.  That being said, I played alright.  My roommate and second-year teammate Alex Choi joined up with us for the first time today, and he seemed to fit in well with the squad.

I’m very excited for the season to get underway.  We have a very talented squad that might manage to be a contender come playoff time.  More to come…


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