How badly do you want to be a footballer?

Abysmal Performance

Last night’s twice-a-week scrimmage went awfully for my team and me.  As a team, we couldn’t finish well, our passes were always a step off, and we made a series of stupid mistakes.  Personally, I ended up with three goals in our 11-5 loss, but only one of them is worth noting (a volley off my left foot).  I blew way more opportunities to score, and was frustrated throughout the whole game by my lackluster performance.

The one good thing I took from the game was my speed.  I was the quickest one out there by the end of the game, able to put on a quick burst in the final minutes when everyone else lagged back.  I’m taking the day off from any type of workout today, trying to give my legs a break.  I had been hitting the gym with a lot more vigor leading up to last night, and I think tiredness may have contributed to my bad night.


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