How badly do you want to be a footballer?

WWC Aftermath

The US Women’s team loss to Japan in the world cup certainly put a damper on the soccer weekend, but at least I got an interesting point of view of the matches.  I started watching on my laptop on ESPN3, then in the car on my iPhone using the Watch ESPN app, and then on a huge screen outside Gillette Stadium, where I went with my dad to see the Revolution take on the Union.  The finishes to those matches were lacking, but I thought I got a pretty good view:

Watching on my iPhone...good quality!

View from my seat at Gillette Stadium...row 19

Sunset over the stadium

It’s a shame the US ladies couldn’t take home the cup, but they should certainly be proud of their accomplishments.  They had an excellent tournament and brought a lot of attention to the game back home.  We’ll just have to take the silver lining on this one.

On a personal level, my training continues.  I had a full field 11v11 scrimmage yesterday, where we played with several varsity BC players.  I had a few good passing plays with Conor Fitzpatrick, a midfielder who happens to share my last name (no relation).  In what I think was a 6-5 loss, I had one assist and one shot that just cleared the bar.  Frankly, there were fewer opportunities to be had with the varsity players running the show, but it was a fun game nonetheless.


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