How badly do you want to be a footballer?

An Excellent Week

I’ve had a week full to the brim of football.  I’ve played for hours and watched a lot of good matches.  Let’s review.

Monday:  Footy training…shooting and left-foot drills.

Tuesday:  Scrimmage match, 9v9.  Played well, B+/A- self-rating.

Wednesday:  Arsenal – WIN, USWNT – WIN, Revolution – erm, well we expected that from Man United, didn’t we?  Either way, I got to watch the first two matches at work.  Always a good use of time.

Our meeting tv screen put to good use

Thursday:  Scrimmage match, 11v11 WITH an audience (6 people in Alumni Stadium…just hear the roar of the crowd), I scored a goal and sent in some beautiful crosses for 2 assists in our 5-4 win.  My touch and dribbling were dead on in this game as well…for the first time this summer I’m giving myself an A rating for the match.

Also this week, Forbes has ranked Arsenal as the 7th most valuable sports franchise in the world.  With the New England Patriots at number 6, the gunners are in good company.

This Sunday, I’ll be enjoying the finale of the Women’s World Cup with some friends before heading down to Gillette Stadium to watch the Revolution take on the Philadelphia Union.  I got tickets for my dad and me as a Father’s Day present, I’m sure it will be a good time.

For some good reading, check out this review of yesterday’s Arsenal game from Arseblog.  That’s all for now.


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