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Just read this on Arseblog this morning, the writer referring to Barcelona’s attempts to get Cesc away from the Emirates.  I had to pass it on…it actually made me laugh out loud.

And finally, as Xavi sits on a rock, his nipples glistening in the sun, his siren call bleating through the air to lure his one true love back to Barcelona, Denilson has told Sky Sports he thinks Cesc is going to stay. Something something sideways pass something something blah blah blah. Yeah!

Compelling imagery.   More updates to come, stay tuned.


Weather Changeup

After a week of 90+ degree weather, the rain came in full force yesterday. This quick video I took after training yesterday shows you the conditions – to say the least I was soaked. Just listen to it come down…

The Heatwave

At 6 PM, with the temperature in the mid 90s and the heat index into the 100s, 12 of us still got together for our twice-a-week match.   A camp was using Alumni Stadium, so we set up a short field in the outfield of the softball pitch.  Whether it was being in the heat or the first time playing on actual grass for a while, I had a bit of an off day.  I definitely had a few more mishits than I’d like to see.  I did get a good workout in though.  After everyone had left, my buddy Aaron and I stayed behind to do some passing drills and then some sprint drills.  The sprint drills felt a bit rough in the heat, but I think it was worth it.

Thank God I have air conditioning in my apartment…

Jon Stewart Tries his Luck with the USWNT

Jon Stewart and the beautiful game…

WWC Aftermath

The US Women’s team loss to Japan in the world cup certainly put a damper on the soccer weekend, but at least I got an interesting point of view of the matches.  I started watching on my laptop on ESPN3, then in the car on my iPhone using the Watch ESPN app, and then on a huge screen outside Gillette Stadium, where I went with my dad to see the Revolution take on the Union.  The finishes to those matches were lacking, but I thought I got a pretty good view:

Watching on my iPhone...good quality!

View from my seat at Gillette Stadium...row 19

Sunset over the stadium

It’s a shame the US ladies couldn’t take home the cup, but they should certainly be proud of their accomplishments.  They had an excellent tournament and brought a lot of attention to the game back home.  We’ll just have to take the silver lining on this one.

On a personal level, my training continues.  I had a full field 11v11 scrimmage yesterday, where we played with several varsity BC players.  I had a few good passing plays with Conor Fitzpatrick, a midfielder who happens to share my last name (no relation).  In what I think was a 6-5 loss, I had one assist and one shot that just cleared the bar.  Frankly, there were fewer opportunities to be had with the varsity players running the show, but it was a fun game nonetheless.

An Excellent Week

I’ve had a week full to the brim of football.  I’ve played for hours and watched a lot of good matches.  Let’s review.

Monday:  Footy training…shooting and left-foot drills.

Tuesday:  Scrimmage match, 9v9.  Played well, B+/A- self-rating.

Wednesday:  Arsenal – WIN, USWNT – WIN, Revolution – erm, well we expected that from Man United, didn’t we?  Either way, I got to watch the first two matches at work.  Always a good use of time.

Our meeting tv screen put to good use

Thursday:  Scrimmage match, 11v11 WITH an audience (6 people in Alumni Stadium…just hear the roar of the crowd), I scored a goal and sent in some beautiful crosses for 2 assists in our 5-4 win.  My touch and dribbling were dead on in this game as well…for the first time this summer I’m giving myself an A rating for the match.

Also this week, Forbes has ranked Arsenal as the 7th most valuable sports franchise in the world.  With the New England Patriots at number 6, the gunners are in good company.

This Sunday, I’ll be enjoying the finale of the Women’s World Cup with some friends before heading down to Gillette Stadium to watch the Revolution take on the Philadelphia Union.  I got tickets for my dad and me as a Father’s Day present, I’m sure it will be a good time.

For some good reading, check out this review of yesterday’s Arsenal game from Arseblog.  That’s all for now.


Training with the New Boots

Today, for the first time, I laced up my new boots for training.  At the risk of being a bit over-the-top, I’ll say this:  I’m in love with them.  Though I liked the old ones, the T90s are magnificent.  Touch is great, and I find it much easier to put a curve on my shots.  They also seem to have decent ankle support, something important for someone as injury-prone as I am.

Training today felt good, but it was tough in the heat, which was in the 90s on the pitch at Alumni Stadium.  Barring thunderstorms tomorrow, I’ll be out for another scrimmage.

On a side note, Arsenal officially welcomed Gervinho to the squad today.  Great move by Mr. Wenger.

Traveling, Training, and Transfers

Hey all…for my American readers, I hope you had a good fourth.  For the rest of you, too bad you had work while we all grilled hamburgers and blew stuff up.  But I digress.

Despite the fact that this is the one week off I have all summer, I’ve been quite busy.  For Independence Day weekend, I visited with family in New Hampshire.  They have a nice beach house up there, and my family traditionally celebrates the fourth up there together.

I relaxed a little bit, but actually got a lot of work done on my laptop up there as well.

While I was up there I took my little cousin to a local pitch for a training session.  Unfortunately he got pretty tired out after only about 15 or 20 minutes, so we had to call it a day pretty early.  The rest of the weekend didn’t go so well for training either.  I ate a lot of junk and drank soda (in massive qualities) for the first time in ages.  I haven’t had a soda in months, though I suppose adult beverages make up for it.

Without a doubt, the best thing about being home is seeing my dog again.

Today, I drove back to BC to play soccer.  We played 9v9 full field in Alumni Stadium, and I left feeling pretty good.  I’d scored twice and gotten 3 assists as well.  Touch is coming along nicely…I can really start to see progress.  I’ll be hitting the gym/cardio pretty hard next week to work off my Independence Day fat+sugar binge.

In the world of the EPL, Arsenal have lost their first player to the transfer market.  Gael Clichy has left the Emirates.  Hopefully, this is not a sign of things to come from Nasri and Fabregas.  If, like me, you need some cheering up, consider this picture of a Red Panda (also known as a Firefox).  It is guaranteed to make you feel better.

The Transfer Window Begins

EPL Talk


I still trust in Wenger.  This is the season for the Gunners.