How badly do you want to be a footballer?

Status Report

Today’s performance:  B-.

Statistically, I had an average showing.  In a 2 hour 9v9 game, I scored once and had one assist.  On the plus side, I played the wing very well.  I put in about 7 to 10 crosses while under pressure that fell right onto my teammates heads or feet, but they simply didn’t manage to finish.  I also took all of my team’s corner kicks, finding the heads of attacking mids or strikers each time (again, they just couldn’t find the back of the net on these.)  On the negative side, I struggled tonight with 1v1 challenges, giving up the ball on a few occasions.  Additionally, I didn’t put forth a strong presence on attacking runs.  This usually isn’t a problem for me, but tonight I just couldn’t seem to get it right.

Overall I’m seeing improvement, particularly in my shooting and level of overall fitness.  On the other hand, I need to keep working on strengthening my left foot for sure.


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