How badly do you want to be a footballer?

Mixed Results Today

I got in a spot of training with my friend Nick (as usual sporting his Polish national jersey), and I have mixed feelings about my performance.  We were doing shooting drills on the nets at Alumni Stadium, but I had the same two problems again and again.  Though the power behind my shots is quickly approaching the desired level, my shots a) curved with too little arc and b) rose 3-6 inches over the bar several times when trying to pick the top corners.  They’d be perfectly lined up…but just a hair too high.  Honestly I think my frustration got the better of me by the end of it.

My leg muscles are feeling pretty tight as well.  I’ll probably do some additional stretching before going out tonight.  On a side note, Nick was trying to teach me to pronounce Wojciech Szczesny‘s name.  As a devoted Gooner, I think this is something I should be able to do.  As of now, I haven’t had much luck…


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