How badly do you want to be a footballer?

My Perfect Afternoon

Today didn’t start great.

My buddy (and roommate during the school year) Paul called me at 6:45 AM thinking I’d be awake to ask about a sweatshirt he’d left at my apartment after a party last weekend.  Turns out his work schedule changed and he couldn’t pick it up anyway.  Work got off to a similarly annoying start, with me waiting in vain for people to forward me information I needed to do my job.  It was a long day.

When work got out at 5, I hustled back to my place to change and went to the gym with my friend Aaron.  He’s much more accustomed to upper body workouts than me, so he’s been helping me get into my stride.  We did an arm workout for a little over an hour, and then headed to Alumni Stadium to do some football drills.  It was there that I witnessed two miracles:

  1. Nets had mysteriously appeared on the field.
  2. There were 10 grad students kicking a ball around.

I approached one who was wearing  a Luton Town jersey.  His choice of this somewhat obscure club made me confident that he was the right guy to talk to.  Turns out he was from London, and an Arsenal fan.  Of course things went well from there.  We started a 6 on 6 match, and ended up playing a little over 90 minutes.  It was an intense workout, but I felt good.  All my work on my left foot paid off in a big way, I scored several goals and got several assists as well.  The best chemistry was with the grad student from Luton…he and I managed some truthfully spectacular plays off running longballs.

Overall, my performance this afternoon was just the confidence boost I needed.  With my early injury struggles, I’d gotten a bit down about my training.  I’m certainly looking forward to playing with these people more this summer.

On a sadder note, I cannot watch the US vs. Canada game because I don’t have FSC and they seem to have worked tirelessly to prevent any reputable sites from providing internet streams.  I’m reminded of the words of Taylor Swift (the 2nd most perfect woman in the world behind Emma Watson):

Oh, what a shame.  What a rainy ending given to a perfect day.

If any of you are questioning my musical taste after that bit, perhaps you’ll like this better.  On the way back from the pitch tonight, I listened to several of my favorite songs from the FIFA 11 soundtrack.  So there.


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