How badly do you want to be a footballer?

A Day in the Life…5/31/11

8:00 AM — Wake up.  Back hurts too much to run, so make up for it later.  Watch Sports Center while getting ready for work, eat a banana, and fill up the water bottle.

9:00 AM — Work starts.  Log onto the computer, say good morning to people, check emails, and fix problems.

12:00 PM — Lunch time.

1:00 PM — Back to work…more emails, more problems fixed.

5:05 PM — Leave work, head back to the apartment, get changed into workout clothes and grab the soccer stuff.  Start at the gym with an arm workout, do some light cardio, then move onto Alumni Stadium.  Run the bleachers on one side of the field, then do drills with the ball.

6:45 PM — Done working out, walk back to the apartment.  Shower time (with singing…U2 themed this evening).

7:05 PM — Cook and eat dinner.  Pasta and apple juice all the way.

7:30 PM — Clean up time.
As promised, here’s a look at my new apartment.  I’m loving it.

Dining room...pretty plain, but it gets the job done.

My beautiful kitchen. Stove, oven, overhead fan, sink, refrigerator, microwave, and - most importantly - dishwasher.


My room. C'mon you gunners.

My desk and TV that pumps Netflix into my brain.

Gotta stay hydrated for training.

Hallway that leads to the storage rooms, my bud Francisco's room, and both of our bathrooms.

The common room and my piano...Francisco's setting up a huge fishtank in there that's gonna be pretty sick.


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