How badly do you want to be a footballer?

Alumni Stadium

With Boston College’s 2011 Commencement over, Alumni Stadium has once again been vacated.  Though the football nets aren’t out there like they usually are, having the stadium at my disposal provided some new opportunities.

First off, having some green space to get some drills in is crucial.  With BC’s massive construction project taking up what used to be the “dustbowl” – a large open area in the middle of campus – there is nowhere on campus to practice except the stadium.  I brought some cones down to the pitch and ran some agility drills, focusing mostly on my left foot.

Alumni provides another great opportunity  – a challenging place to run.  I ran up and down the spectators’ stands along the away team’s bench side before beginning my workout, and ended with a quick lap around the field while dribbling the ball.

In other news, Arsenal proves that it is the classiest club in football and the USMNT announces its 23-man squad for the Gold Cup. (Freddy Adu?)

Stay classy…be champions.


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