How badly do you want to be a footballer?

An Early Injury

Nothing’s ever easy.

About 36 hours after my first back and shoulders workout of the summer, I noticed a slight tingle in my left elbow.  I thought nothing of it at first, but later, I awoke in the middle of the night to find that I could not bend that arm at the elbow – it was stuck at a 90 degree angle.  I couldn’t move it at all, even when I tried to slowly pull it flat with my right hand.

My grandfather’s funeral service was held this morning, and after the burial the family gathered at my aunt’s house.  It has become a family tradition for the cousins to play sports at any family get together…weddings, funerals, births, etc.  My still semi-immobile arm limited my ability to play basketball (I felt sort of like Rajon Rondo), but when soccer football rolled around, I enjoyed getting a few touches in.

I’m using a heat pack on the arm for now, and its range of motion is improving.  Hopefully it will be back to normal soon.  It’s a small setback – I just consider myself lucky that the problem is with my arm rather than my knee again.  I’m being very careful, spending more time stretching and warming up than I ever have before.  With a little luck, I hope to avoid any further issues with my legs as I train this summer.


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