How badly do you want to be a footballer?


Two days in, and the summer is feeling pretty productive.  I’m working for BC ResLife as Technology Coordinator, but the end of term means all hands on deck checking residents in and out of the dorms (erm…residence halls, that’s what we’re supposed to call them).  The past two days haven’t featured a great deal of coordination or tech work.  The first day I worked 10 hours, and the second I worked 8.  I was pretty tired, but I still got to workout.

Unfortunately, graduation setup prevented me from getting into Alumni Stadium to do any football drills.  I did get into the gym both days though, and I’m feeling pretty confident about the start of my training.  Before I get into the swing of things here this summer, however, I thought I’d post about my overall strategy.

First of all – like I said in the last post – I want to be realistic about this process.  I will be competing against top-flight footballers, who grew up with the game at a level that isn’t available in the states.  No matter how prepared I am, they will always have that developmental advantage over me.  My response to this is two-fold:  First, I need to focus first on agility.  In short, I need to be the fastest guy on the pitch.  Second, I need to have clinical finishing.  In the past, most of my goals have been scored by setting up passing plays that allowed me a shot on goal after taking a touch or two.  I’m comfortable with this style of play, but I feel that by further developing my ability to have a go at the net without taking a touch, I’ll be a much more versatile player.

I have experience with distance running, but I’ve never really had any incentive to try very hard at it.  Though I was on the cross country team for a few years in high school (before injury issues with my knee cut that career short), I ran simply to stay in shape, never really caring about the competition.  With the prospect of trials in the future though, I have a whole new mentality.  I’ll be taking on a new cardio regime involving early morning runs 6 days a week and sprint drills most days as well.  Additionally, I’ll be going to the gym 5-6 days per week.  I’m feeling a dedication to physical fitness that I’ve never experienced before.

Once I have access to the pitch at Alumni Stadium, I’ll be doing various football drills out there on a daily basis.  Additionally, I was happy to find out that fellow ResLife staff members have a tradition of playing summer soccer in the stadium.  I’ll be getting involved in that for sure!

On a side note, my grandfather passed away this week, and wake and funeral services are being held over the next two days.  He had been very sick for some time, so to some extent his death can be considered a blessing.  I’m just happy that he’s at peace.  Obviously, I won’t be doing much training over the next few days and may not post either.  I’ll definitely check in early next week though.

That’s all for now…happy summer, and for all you graduating seniors out there – congratulations.


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